Luxman receiver info wanted

I just bought a Luxman R115 receiver from a local shop (a guy had traded it in on some tube gear). It cost $225 which was pretty good WAF, considering some of the ways I was THINKING about spending some money.

I think the sound is just awesome - it really pushes details to the front and pushes lots and lots of well-defined bass out there. It makes the modern Sherwood that it replaced sound like a clock radio. For my bedroom system it was a perfect solution (had considered a cheap tube integrated, but now have a tuner and phono stage to boot).

But I can't find ANYTHING on the internet about Luxman (except 4.78/5 AudioReview ratings for the 117&115 combined).

Does anyone know where I can find Luxman info on the net? I'd just like to know what their marketing schpiel was, and what their specs are/were.

Any info/links would be appreciated.
All I can find is thatit was built in 1987 and is a 70 watt unit.
Try posting on Audio Assulum. Good Luck
Warning. To the best of knowledge Luxman no longer supports the US market. Parts and service may be a challange.

Might try a place called Audio Specialties in
Portland, OR. 503 257 3206 I belive. Doug Siegel is a genius with used gear, may provide some insight as he is a great tech and deals almost exclusively with used gear.
I have an r115 with ALL the manuals, sale brochures etc. What do you need to know? I actually have thought about selling it...
Thanks Lolo - YGM.
Just bought a Luxman R115 and looking for the manual. Would be happy to pay for a copy..Do you have the remote?
Please respond by e-mail to:

Flohow, there is another thread where Agoner Sogood51 posted a link to this site. I did not notice the R115 on the list but you might try contacting them.
I have a Luxman R115, but the power-up cycle is broke. The pre-outs come up and work but the main power A/B outs won't stay up after a few minutes. I need the schematics! Where to get??