Luxman R-106 Receiever runs very hot.

I recently bought this unit used Sonically and operationally it is fine but the unit runs extremely hot. I wanted to know if there is an inexpensive way to get the unit to run cooler. I beleive this unit was their top of the line remote receiver in the late eighties. Any suggestions appreciated.
Audio44 ... on some of the Luxman model's, they run an auxiliary cooling tube through the middle of the heat sink fins for additional heat dissipation. These cooling tubes were filled with a special liquid to help with additional cooling to the fins. When that coolant leaks out of the tube, the component will run very, very hot.

Remove the cover to your receiver, and look at the heat sinks. If there is a tube, or a cylinder running through them, look directly under that Supplemental Cooling Tube on the floor/base of your receiver for stains that would indicate that the Cooling Tube leaked. If you see stains on the floor/base of your receiver, I'm pretty sure you have found the reason your receiver is running so hot.

Finding a Luxman tech may be hard, and locating a replacement part even harder. You may have to replace that whole Heat Sink/Cooling tube unit. I don't know if it can be refilled.

I'm also assuming that you have left adequate space around your receiver for proper ventilation.

Good Luck, Dave