Luxman PD 277 Turntable - Need Info-Help

Recently acquired a Luxman PD 277 turntable. Could use a owners manual or info on tonearm set up. Thanks
Dear Ferrari,
Does this model have the large disk arm counterbalance with a thumb set screw? Does it have the monofiliment line with swinging arm antiskate counterbalance? What cartridge?

Yes it has both of those items you menetion. Currently using a Grado Red cartridge.
Let me dig around... I might have what you need.
Hi Ned,
I'm still looking for a manual. I had the 262 which the set up should be the same. I will tell you by memory...

1. Level the turntable / clamp tone arm as not to cause damage to the stylist
2. Adjust the anti skate to 0 using set screw, be careful as this is fragile. Be sure the routing of the mono filament is correct. It should start at the little black tab on the tone arm base, fit into a slot traveling counter clockwise around the base, travel to the anti skate pulley/shaft and lie in a grove on the collar. As you move the tone arm in ... the anti skate arm should levitate the counter weight
3. Once sure the tone arm is in the clamp. If it has a flip down Stylist protector, flip it down. During this set up, the tone arm will be free floating and can nip your stylist.
4. Rotate the tone arm counter weight out until the last rotation allows the 0 index to be at the index line on the tone arm (this will rotate about 3 full revolutions) Be sure you are on the most extended revolution which allows 0 alignment
5. Loosen the thumb set screw on the large counter weight. Be careful as to avoid scratching the tone arm shaft.
6. Unclamp the tone arm and loosen the thumb screw and adjust the counterweight (sliding, not turning) so the tone arm will "float" in a level position. This take a little patience and gentleness. Be sure the index points/remains at 0.
7. Once you have established the "0" float point of the counter weight, solidly set the thumb screw with finger pressure.
8. LOCK the tone arm again
9. You now need to set the tracking weight. I believe the Red needs to be between 1.75 g and 2.5 g. Check the manual. Using the end of the tone arm, rotate the counter weight shaft "in," (counter clock wise) noting the index numbers. One complete weight shaft rotation is equal to 1 g. Be sure not to disturb the counter weight setting. ex: 1.75 full rotations in to the 0 index is equal to 1.75 g.
10. CAREFULLY loosen the anti skate set screw using an eyeglass common screwdriver. I believe their are .25g or .50g lines starting from the barrel up the shaft. (the first... if memory serves me corret being .50 g) The larger lines are the 1.0 g indicators. I think it will up to 2.5 g adjustment.
11. Set the anti skate counter weight to the same weight as the tone arm. ex: 2.0 gram on the tone arm = 2.0 g on the anti skate

I am assuming that your cartridge is installed correctly. If not let me know. I may be able to help.

This should do it. Let me know if you have anymore questions
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