Luxman PD-272

Just picked up a Luxman PD-272 off craigslist
for $35.

One of the issues I am having with it (as expected for 35 dollars) is that the rotation at the 33 setting is way too slow. Does anyone have a clue why that might be?

Appreciate any info!
Hi, my 274 has speed adjustment wheels just under the front lower edge. Use the included strobe and hope this helps. These are nice starter tables,really.Will give you enough to get you going on a long analog journey.
I used the pitch adjustment, but it seems to have no effect; which is probably why it was so cheap. I might take it to this audio specialist that many audiogoner's recommend Brook Brendan(?), and see if he knows what's up. Hopefully this place will have cartridges for sale as well, need to upgrade that also.

Thanks for the advice!
If it has never been serviced, your finding is not surprising. First, the electronics probably utilize a bunch of electrolytic caps. Many of these caps may have become "leaky" due simply to their age. "Leaky" means in an electronic sense that they leak DC voltage. (Capacitors should not pass DCV.) Leaky in the physical sense means they can actually dispel their electrolyte into the chassis, which can cause corrosion, etc. That's one place to start looking for trouble. Then a leaky cap could have caused damage to connected components, especially any integrated circuits. If you replace all the electrolytic caps, you may be lucky to have solved all the problems.
Thanks Lewm!

I think that you might be right, as evidenced by your logic and that on another forum someone mentioned something similar. I looked underneath and saw no visible corrosion (which is good), but I have no working knowledge of electronics, so I think it's time to take it in and get serviced. I hope the "hard to find parts" issue with discontinued tables will not be a factor.

Thanks so much for the info!!!!

I realize that this is a 3 month+ blog but I can help you with your dilemma. I have a PD-270 that had the same problem. If you open up the bottom you will see a small electronic board under to pots. On the board there are two or three small spiral screw adjustments. They control the pot adjustments. Play the turntable on 33 and turn the screws one at a time very carefully to see which one brings you to steady. It is actually quite easy. You should set the pots in the middle so you can fudge each way.

Good Luck,