Luxman PD 210 belt change

I just purchased a Luxman PD 210 turntable and want to change the belt. I can not find information on how to remove the platter. Anyone have information on this.
They all just lift right up off the spindle. If it lifts a little bit and then stops get someone to tap straight down on the spindle with a plastic hammer or block of wood, it should break free easily. Or if no help place a piece of wood across the spindle and lift the platter while pressing down with your thumbs on the stick to push the spindle free.
Here's a YouTube video of the platter being removed.

Lol! Love it when the one part of the video you really want to see goes jerky and black then next thing you know, done! Like magic! He should make one where he opens the hood on a car, camera goes all shaky and black, then wala! Engine rebuilt! Lol!
Thanks, I should have known to look on Youtube. It is funny that the part I want to see is blacked out. It is a pretty good table and plays well, just disappointed it is all plastic.
Thanks again.