Luxman PD-171-A Tonearm Conversion

I have a Luxman PD-171A that is set-up for a Jelco 250 tonearm.  I would like to change the tonearm to a Tri-Planar but will need to change the mounting distance from the turntable spindle.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a service provider that can either build an adapter or otherwise convert my turntable to do this modification?  I'm not qualified to do this myself.  Thank you for your time and assistance.
I would call Philip O’Hanlon. A great source if you’re in Canada is Danny Labrecque. Danny’s website is  I heard the Jelco 750 is a clear step up from the 250. The last I heard Philip was trying an SME (S shaped) arm, but that may have been on the armless (AL) version.