Luxman M900u match with Modwright LS 300, one or two 900s needed?

I have been contemplating upgrading my JC1+ monos that drive my Sasha 2s with one or two Luxman M900u's. Has anyone out there heard the newer JC1+ AND the M900u in a shootout besides Jays Audio Lab? All the reviewers seem to like the JC1+ amps, but they get dogged by almost everyone else I come in contact with. This has made me curious. I love my Modwright LS 300 preamp, and plan to stay with it. The Modwright has an output impedance of 110 ohms. The JC1+ input impedance is "100k balanced, 50 per leg", and this match works very well in my system. The Luxman input impedance is "balanced line 34k ohms". I know enough to ask others who understand these things if the Modwright to Luxman is compatable. I run a dCS Vivaldi stack exclusivly so I can change the output level of my DAC very easily if that is a factor.  Also, I tried to feed the Sasha 2s with a Niam DR 300NAP and it wasn't enough juice. They realIy came alive with the JC1+s. Is one Luxman enough or do I need to buy two and run them Mono. Is the sound still good running Mono versus stereo with the M900u? Thanks for the help!
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Thank you for responding. Yes, the LS 300 is a total winner. I love it! In this past year I have owned an ARC REF 10, Rogue RP7, and a very high end passive, and went direct to amps with both a dCS Bartok and Vivaldi, so I have some framework to judge.  I didn't pursue the KWA 150 as I don't have access to listening to one without buying it, so I based my purchase on research. I did buy a NIB m900u and hooked it up on Friday. So far I can tell it has greater resolution, more depth, but less bass impact than the Parasound JC1+s. The problem I am having (confirmed by my wife) that it's overly bright on female voices, strings and piano. I like certain aspects of the 900 a lot, but my wife won't stay in the room with it, and I don't really enjoy it. At this point I am even more impressed with the JC1+s. We find them very musical, powerful, with great foundational bass. It must be me as it seems that the m900u is a favorite of the popular media reviewers, Jays Audio Lab, and lots of forum contributors. I will be patient and let it burn in paying music for 200 hours before I pull the plug and put back the JC1+s. It could also be my Vivaldi being bright, my Sasha 2s being bright, my room, or a lack of system synergy. It there was synergy with the JC1+s, but all the dogging of the JC1+ did make me curious. In fact I now have heard in my system that there are amps with greater resolution, I just may have to look somewhere else to find a powerful, resolving, SS amp that sounds musical in my system. Two guys I respect mentioned Ampzilla 2000 V2s. I said WHAAAT? 
It's really not that I disliked the REF 10. I don't have anything bad to say about it.  It's also one of the coolest looking pieces I have ever had in my rack. It struck me as such a neutral implementation of tubes that I could have have been listening to a SS preamp. I wanted a tube sound to help with my digital source. I don't think I fully understood the ARC design goals. It had the best volume control I have had to date, and sounded great at low volume. The fact that I couldn't roll tubes turned out to be a problem for me. The problem I keep having is that with all the reading you can do with a piece equipment, you don't really understand it until its in your system and playing in your room.  
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