Luxman M900U any experience ?

I would like to have feedbacks on Luxman M900U stereo or bridged .
Any owners or anyone auditioned these amps please chime in.
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Over the last 20 years I have owned Bryston, Halcro dm-58’s, Linn Solos, LuxmanM800, and now the Luxman m900u.I have listened extensively to Mark Levinson and other great amps. I feel the 900u is simply one the best power amps I have ever heard. in fact the best as long as your speakers are not really power hungry. It has so much finesse, sound staging, depth and it’s top end is amazing. I loved my halcro 58’s and should never have sold them however I am so happy with the Luxman, My Linn KDSM straight into it is sublime. I use it in stereo.
Thank you.
The reviews have been great.
So you are happy with its soundstage holographic depth?
This is what I'm looking for in large orchestral passages. To get a better sense of the tapestry of sound.
Do you think you'll want to get another one eventually and bridge it?
It seems financially a great way over time to get a pair of great sounding monos rather than springing for a whopping 30k all at one.

The pervious USA Luxman distributer has a ton on Luxman gear (new and demo) on sale on A'Gon. Remember the 2017 prices for new Luxman gear are now lower than the previous years prices.
I want to second your impressions of the Luxman m900u. I have it with the matching preamplifier, C900U and I think I now get the best sound I ever heard anywhere. I used to be a tube guy and owned Jadis, Ear, and other quite good pre/power combinations, but the Luxman changed my mind about what transistors can do. I feel it's the end of the audio road for me. Highly recommended.