Luxman m117 refurbish. Anyone know a shop near Charlotte, NC to rebuild Amp?

I have a vintage Laxman M117 that plays just fine.  I would like to get it recapped, etc.   Does anyone know of a stereo repair shop around Charlotte, NC that is competent to the extent they can rebuild this amp?  It is 52 lbs of metal.

I have the TP 114 preamp that could possibly use a refresh also, though it plays fine also.  It’s important to have a REAL qualified individual do this.  

(I’ll sell both, if anyone is interested.  I have a primary system)
A friend has an identical unit and it blew.  He had it rebuilt and it works, better than ever.  I don’t want to play it until it goes out.  Preventative maintenance.  It’s too good a unit to leave sitting ( I have a primary system but it would be nice to have second complete system)