Luxman M02

I have a vintage Luxman M02 amp that has been setting in my closet for years. The problem is that it powers down after it heats up. I've never had it looked at. Is anyone familiar with this unit? Is it worth investing money in to have it fixed? I also have the preamp and tuner that was made to go with this model.
Is it worth investing money in to have it fixed?

You are the only one that can answer that,after all,it's your money.
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True, Tpreaves, it is indeed my money. I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem with this particular unit and felt it was or wasn't worth dumping money into. I've had it setting around for years and feel it's time to toss it or try and get it fixed. I'll probably have it looked at and set a certain price that I won't go over.

I don't know, Elizabeth, I've tried it numerous times and it always does the same thing. I was told by a friend that Luxman used liquid filled capacitors around that era and over time they have a tendancy to dry out.

I just thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone could shed some light on the problem. It's a shame, it's a cool looking unit. I hate bailing on stereo gear.
If your by a tech call him and he'll tell you the looking over price,50-75-80??????Might as well spend a little,it could be special.Obviously we dont know or we would say.Done any research?Take the top off and send a pic,someone here SHOULD know whether its worth anything.Could have special Tamura,Takahashi etc. transformers.I havent a clue,but I wish you good luck Hazard,cheers,Bob
Good call Hazard,set a budget and stick to it.I have the matching C-02 preamp and while they are both nice units,they're not in the collectable realm.Good luck.
i had a luxman 120 mk2 amp that was overheating and shutting down.turns out it just needed the channel bias reset.
I have the MO2 and CO2 amp and preamp and they sound fantastic. I use them as a second stereo driving JBL Athena SC99s and Boston Acoustic A100s. Vintage 70s and 80s LPs sound soooo good. The current stuff, CDs, sound great, too. I've owned them since early 90s and had some work done on the MO2 (caps I believe)a couple years back. Luxman put out some great stuff and there is no way I will ever sell them! My advice is put some money into them and enjoy.
I owned a few Luxman amplifiers,
First: IMHO it IS worth having it checked out.

Now, the Luxman M-02 implemented the (liquid-cooled)
heat sink, if the unit has sat for very long, the (liquid)
could be dried up.

Sending the message to "shut-down" just my humble opinion.

It might be a place to start looking?

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Yeah, Bjpd57a1, my educated guess is the liquid-cooled heat sink having dried up over time. Once I get the speakers back, I'm going to pursue having the M02 repaired. I have no clue as to where to take it. The place where I purchase my new gear sort of turned their nose up when I mentioned bringing it in. They lead me to believe that older Luxman parts were difficult to find. I think they just didn't want to be bothered. I'll do a Google search for electronics repair in my area.