Luxman M 4000 Amp

I am looking to purchase a Luxman M 4000 amp. Anyone interested in talking?
Place a wanted ad? Or contact a Luxman dealer? Or keep watching the listings til you find one.
I have done all above and working on a few options. I used to have one that was stolen or missing after a move. I currently have a M 2000, C1000, T 110, PD 121 and DZ 121 and would love to get another M 4000. Never had any issues with either amp. Just had the M 2000 cleaned, serviced and checked out. New to this site and just reached out.
No real problems with the amp design, other than age. Tim de Paravicini design, IIRC. And he's no idiot.

Rebuilds for all of them, is what is in order.

Re-capping by an intelligent experienced tech that is half audiophile designer.... is probably the way to go. I’ve worked on a few of them, from that angle. Decent sounding amp, good looking. Changing out a few of the parts other than the caps, etc.
You must have had a lemon.  Those were and are really sweet sounding, and from memory very robust..

I was able to acquire a M 4000 that was recapped, totally serviced and working great for a reasonable price. Took just over a month. I am so excited to hook it up. It will look and sound great with my M 2000, C 1000, T 110. PD121 and DZ 90 Luxman vintage gear. Had a friend pick it up. Will meet him halfway next week for a handoff. Did not want to ship it. Thanks for the advice. I searched over 8 audio sites to find the right fit.
Will do. Love the M 2000 and will keep as a spare. Hope to have it back home by March 1st or so. Heading up to NY to arrange a swap from the Boston suburbs. My old college room mate picked it up and hooked it last night. He was beyond impressed on how it sounded on his system.
Finally got the Amp home and hooked up. Sounds great and pairs very well with the Luxman C 1000 Preamp. Big improvement
in detail, imaging and soundscape. Base is tighter. Love having the extra power over the M 2000. I am very happy and lucky to find this unit that was re capped and fully serviced. Really brings the best out of my Triton 2 Plus speakers. Looking forward to a big listening
 session tomorrow.