LUXMAN M-117 any good?

I know nothing about luxman but I found this LUXMAN M-117 on craiglist for $400. Anyone know if these are good amps?
yes, but i've never seen an M-117 that didnt need work... not that i've seen many.

i dont recall the specifics, but i recall there were some claims that the M-117 amp was a step down from the power plant in the R-117 receiver. there is a Luxman group on yahoo, i would check there.
i forgot to add that imo, his asking price is at the very upper end of what the amp is worth. i would want to get him down to the $300 level before i got serious about buying.
the m-117 is a good step up from the receiver . This power amplifier is the warmest ss amp I have listened to , this includes many m and l series ands , including their lab. reference series. Some are a touch more articulate but none warmer , like silk.
I drive a set of Platinum Audio Duo's with this amp , really power hungry speakers ,and it is a magical combination. Not super fast on the attack , but you can listen to it forever.
I bought one new and have only changed the remote's battery. It cranks my power hungry KLH SCX-3a speakers.
I just got another m-117 now i want my brothers pair of KLH scx3a's. Hmm only if i could find a Luxman RC-501 remote sensor eye for My Luxman TP-117 so i could use both of the PreAmps for audio control in 2 separate locations of the house.