Luxman LX33 Integrated Tube Amp. YEAH? NAY?

Perhaps the Russian Tube Preamp disaster will lead to this different solution:  All Tubes in one shot.

Luxman Vintage LX33 Integrated Tube Amp for: Small Office system:  TT (MM); R2R Tape (line); Computer (line).


30 wpc Enough Power? I think so. I would go Luxman pre-out to self-powered sub's line-in first, then sub line-out to LX33 Main In: so the LX33 and Wharfdale 225's (low 87 sensitivity) would not need to produce low bass.

This LX33 and other Luxman's are Shallow Depth. They fit on top of my 3 shelf high bookcase, next to my Vertical TT and Vertical R2R deck (nicest no-bend operational height I ever had). 

 The Fisher Mono Blocks are also 30 wpc. (35 wpc if I want to get EL37's, no thanks, I'd rather eat).

Not the wood look like the Russian preamp or even nicer Luxman Preamp 35iii,

but the LX33 Brushed Metal finish next to the Grey Mistubishi LT-5V are compatible.

thanks as always for your help,



You could probably use a transformer, but I wouldn’t. Maybe my OCD showing through.

I bought two that were US voltage. Kept one and a friend wanted the other one. It is a very good (IMO) vintage tube preamp. Not as good as the current production CL-38uC, which I also own.  The US voltage ones are out there and show up from time to time. I also have the plug in SUT for this. The Luxman SUT is very hard to find, but the Sansui a-603 SUT is a plug in replacement and findable.

You might want to do a little more research on Luxman. They made great gear for a long time, but had some bad times in the 1980’s if I recall correctly. Currently they are making great gear.

Good luck with your search.

Jim Perry
Why don’t you look for new LUX like SQ-N100 integrated?
You could find it used for the same price.

I sold one to a friend and it’s very nice for the price (under $1500) with MM phono stage, remote control, headphone amp and super cool design.

thanks for the idea if money was tight an apparently good one as you would think,

there are no sq100’s currently available except far foreign lands, and not much less than this sq-150, $1,960 + $90. shipping no tax.

the other one is more $2,250 + $100. ship, probably pay tax, not sure. Advantage: worked on by Audio Classics. I just dropped my mx110z there, met Ryan, and wrote him about this unit last evening. 117 v version.

Having sq-150’s MC option appeals to me (their MC setting fits my AT33ptgII well enough I think).

I may someday use this 10 wpc with my extremely efficient 16 ohm horns in my main system, use the Cayin elsewhere or sell it.

Unfortunately Luxman’s bias adjusters are also internal, at least it is lighter to move around.

I have patience to wait for what I buy, but I want to end the search (the fun becomes misery for me) and buy something soon.
I heard back from Ryan at Audio Classics:

" As far as the SQ150, that is a great unit.  The Luxman has been very popular in the past year.  Very appealing to the McIntosh enthusiasts it seems.  Sweet, never bright, and very very low noise.  It would match very well with the Wharfedale's".

I made an offer on one here in USA, with a twist:

"You want your full price? Or pretend we bargained hard and you gave me your Tuesday evening discount? Your choice, just let me know".

waiting for sellers reply.
Agreed, paid, seller will ship today!

The release from the torture at the end of all the research, asking for advice, optional ideas is a wonderful thing.

Thanks as always to everyone for their guidance.