Luxman L590AXii vs Accuphase E-650 for a Shindo lover

I have loved tubes all my audiophile life, but looking to pare down to a SS integrated.
These two are the only ones under consideration (not looking for other recos).

I love the Shindo sound (in an ideal world I would own a full Shindo system), rich, full, lush yet transparent with ample details and good thumping bass.

In that case which of these two amps would work best. Where I live Accuphase is 50% more expensive than the Luxman, so that is also worth considering while buying.

My speakers are Devore O/96s. Source AMR DP777
question. has luxman any plans to release successor to the 590axii? or have they already?
I am not aware of any immediate plans to upgrade the L-590AX II..  It has only been around for a couple of years. 
You do not want to leave a class A amp on all the time. One its very hot running and leaving it on will shorten its life, but class A amps take very little time to warm up. Also leaving it on is not the best for our environment your burning full power all the time for nothing. 
I just heard the Luxman MQ-300, probably the best amp I have ever heard. 
Isn't comparing the Luxman 590axii to the Accuphase line kind of an apples and oranges comparison. The 590axii is a true class A amp. Isn't the Accuphase line class A/B? Major difference.

IMHO, the Luxman 509x (being class A/B) would be a much more accurate comparison to the Accuphase 600/650 vs the Luxman 590axii. And, as someone has already mentioned, even the newer and older versions of the 590ax sound different from one another...let alone sounding very different from the Accuphase line. It stands to reason, if you prefer class A/B amps you're going to prefer the Accuphase line to the Luxman 590axii.