Luxman L590AXii vs Accuphase E-650 for a Shindo lover

I have loved tubes all my audiophile life, but looking to pare down to a SS integrated.
These two are the only ones under consideration (not looking for other recos).

I love the Shindo sound (in an ideal world I would own a full Shindo system), rich, full, lush yet transparent with ample details and good thumping bass.

In that case which of these two amps would work best. Where I live Accuphase is 50% more expensive than the Luxman, so that is also worth considering while buying.

My speakers are Devore O/96s. Source AMR DP777
@danimaz but it seems Japanese are not very good or interested to sell internationally. why is that, I have no idea. Maybe they are rich already and do not need to expand their business. Why would Japanese not sell E650 for half the (profitable) price to North America, do you know?
Are you sure you want to leave the amp on all the time? In the past I had a Luxman L-550ax. When I left it on for a while without playing music it got warm to the touch, too warm to leave on all the time.
Yeah, probably not a good idea to leave a Class A amp on all the time. Buy a Class A/B amp for that.