LUXMAN L509X VS M700/C700U

I have a Luxman m700u AMP and  with its DAC Luxman DA-06. I have been using my Oppo HA-1 preamp with this equipment.
I have triangle signature delta speakers.

my next step is to either sell M700u and buy L509x or get C700u to complete the paring with M700.
Please comment with experience.

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Excellent mini system. Luxman makes all their gear in house in Japan.
OP - any updates on the 38/700-combo?
Well I enjoyed that but M700u was still very bright for my triangles so I now paired with mq88uc and now planning to by amp with 2 mq88uc cl 38uc preamp and analysis plus speaker cables silver apex 
sound sweet non fatiguing 
I am also planning to pair harbeths 30.2 with m700u let’s see 
I was too lazy to read this whole thread, so perhaps the above question has already been answered....However,  a conversation with my local dealer just today happened to answer the question...the 509 stays in class A up to it’s first 17 watts, and after that switches over to A/B. Cheers -Don
OP - sorry if I misunderstand, but are you saying that your're planning to use 2x mq88? As in mono-blocks?