LUXMAN L509X VS M700/C700U

I have a Luxman m700u AMP and  with its DAC Luxman DA-06. I have been using my Oppo HA-1 preamp with this equipment.
I have triangle signature delta speakers.

my next step is to either sell M700u and buy L509x or get C700u to complete the paring with M700.
Please comment with experience.

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Not so much soften but a smoother less digital sound. All the details and dynamics were still there. I also have a Luxman PD-171A TT hooked up to the preamp and the all tube phono is excellent. Has 4 steppe transformers. 2 for MC high and 2 for mc low. If you have a Luxman dealer nearby it would be worth checking out the tube solid state combo..
The  C700 would be the natural addition. One other option would be the Luxman CL 38U-C tube preamp and match it w/the 700U. I have the Cl38U-SE w/a Bryston amp and it's an excellent combo.
W/those speakers you may want to go all tube. I’d think about the CL38U-C w/the matching Luxman MQ-88-C amp. I heard this combo w/the Klipsch La Scala’s. Also very soon Luxman will be releasing their new tube preamp in the USA the C-1000. A bit out of my price range 16-17K. Interesting how it will compete w/other top of the line tube preamps.
The CL-38 w/a solid state amp makes an excellent combo. Having the 38 se for over a year and a half w/a Bryston amp I have really enjoyed the music. Gets the most out of my Aerial 5T's. The problem was Luxman made only 100 SE's for world wide sale to celebrate their 90th Birthday. As a result not many people had a chance to hear it. The 38C will have a larger distribution and be more easily available for customers to demo.
Congrats on picking up the CL-38C. The unit sounds great out of the box but give it a few weeks for the tubes to burn in and it will sound even better. Down the road you may want to add a TT. The phono section is excellent w/4 step up transformers. Luxman Solid State understandably gets most of the press but the tube products are also very competitive. Now I don't feel so lonely at least someone else out there owns one of these preamps. Enjoy the music.
Excellent mini system. Luxman makes all their gear in house in Japan.