Luxman L505u . . . why not?

I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on one of these--an upgrade from my Rotel receiver. Before I do, I'd like some perspective from the learned A'gon community. First, will it be a significant upgrade from the Rotel? What kind of sonic improvements can I expect? Second, why shouldn't I buy from Audiocubes II?
I know On a Higher Note is the official U.S. distributer, but my budget pushes me towards the less expensive purchase option. Third, regardless of where I purchase it from, it will need a transformer to boost the power to 220. I don't know anything about the possible effects this might have on sound and performance of the component--can anybody speak to this? Is it possible to have the piece modified to accept the U.S. 110 current? I want the piece because it meets my requirements for an integrated: it's at least 100W, it has speaker A/B (I've got speakers in the kitchen and the main living room), it's got a great phono section (I play 50% records, 50% CDs), and it's got a headphone amp. Those are the features I want in an integrated. Any advice, suggestions, dissuasions will be appreciated.

Here is a write-up I found that explains the changes made in the L-505ux model

LUXMAN L-505u versus L-505uX

Tonally both amplifiers were voiced the same by Hashimoto-san at Luxman, Yokohama.
Sonically: The L-505uX is quieter, more liquid mid-range and a more three dimensional soundstage is thrown. The new model is a little more refined, a little more detailed and even nicer to use than before.
Features: Both amps have most of the same features:

The L-505uX has a LECUA* discrete volume control based on the C-1000f preamplifier design – no moving parts, no tracking issues at low volume. Much more transparent sounding and will sound the same at every level. This is the most important of all the upgrades and the most expensive to implement, as the individual resistors need to be measured by hand.

The L-505uX has MONO, SUBSONIC (Rumble) & LOUDNESS Filter switch on the remote control, Loudness is a wonderful feature for late night, quiet listening. It also has a few buttons that support the D-05/06/08 CD SACD players basic functions.

The L-505uX has a newly redesigned phono stage; which is both more refined, resolute & musical

The L-505uX has ODNF** 3.0 performs three passes of the audio signal, checking for noise & distortion, while the ODNF 2.1 in the L-505u does two passes.
There are only a few differences between the two amps.
--The L-505uX now comes with a metal remote control.
--Both the volume control & the selector know have a more tactile feel to them
--The L-505uX now has higher quality speaker terminals, spread out horizontally to allow easy access for large cable.
--The L-505uX no longer has the Line Phase Sensor – it does not comply with CE / UL regulations.. 
--The L-505uX now has LINE STRAIGHT (engage / disengage the tone controls) & SEPARATE available on the remote control. There is no excuse for not using the tone controls, especially when they can be engaged / disengaged from the comfort of the listening chair.

LECUA* = Luxman Electronic Control Unit Amplification
ODNF** = Only Distortion Negative Feedback
Well its 11 years later and probably no one will ever read this.My 505 was purchased from Japan in 2009 and i used a step down transformer until recently.Acquired a service manual and now my 11 year old 505u is operating on 120 VAC.The Japanese 100 V units do have a multi-voltage transformer and the conversion takes a few minutes.