Luxman L-590AX


Can someone please explain how this AMP sounds? I have never heard it, but some people says this amp has an analog and warm tube sound. Is this correct?
Is this amp great if I play many bad recordings and hard rock music? Many amps are too clinical, harsh, "hifi-correct" to my taste.

If anyone have heard L-590AX compared to f.example McIntosh MA7000 or MA8000, I would be glad to hear the difference in the sound. Is the sound very different?

Super old post, but I put in my order for the 590AXII after auditioning many integrateds and the full line up of Luxman integrateds. While I liked both the 509 and the 590, the latter had greater palpability. It was also easier for me to follow any part of a complex musical score on the 590.
Old thread but it is nice to read all the responses here about the Luxman L-590AXII. I share the same observation about this amp and posted my impressions on similar threads here. After more than 20 years trying more than a dozen amps which include few pre/power combinations, this
Luxman integrated is here to stay. Stunning amp at its price point. It’s just a wonderful sound. No more chasing the holy grail in the equipment as the focus is solely on the music now.
@dramatictenor -- congratulations! I, too, compared the 590AXII to the 509 and several other amps before settling on the 590, and reached the same conclusions as yours. Both amps are fairly neutral, but the 590 sprinkles just the right proportions of warmth and palpability to make it a phenomenal component. I have now tried the amp with 4 different pairs of speakers and it has breathed life into each one of them. The loudness option is another cool feature that I use often when listening late in the night.

Enjoy the music!