luxman l-550axii

I have an opportunity to buy a 10 yr old Luxman L-550ax11, the amp sounds good, not sure if it needs service any ideas of price point. 
An L-550AXII is Luxman's current model. Before that was the L-550AX. I believe before that was the L-550AII, probably what you're looking at, if it's 10 years old. Maybe around $1500-2000 or so, if it's clean. If it's actually an L-550AXII, it can't be more than 3-4 years old, more in the $2500 ballpark, give or take.
Sorry for wrong information posted it is a L-550A11 unit and is 10yrs old so $1500 is a good number to use, I would probably have it serviced and cleaned so I should allow $ for that.
I have a Luxman L100 1974, is the L-550A11 better performer?

Well, there was a time when Luxman was owned by others, and had gravitated more toward mediocre gear. I think this was during the 70's and 80's, but not positive.
Google the L-550, there are reviews out there
Luxman was awesome in the 70's....most detailed receivers there were. It took a Dump in the Mid 80's when ALPINE bought them out.
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