Luxman L-550 AX Mark II on low volume (apartment)?

Hey all,

Been eyeing an Luxman L-550 AX Mark II for quite some time that I might get to buy for a reasonable price. Living in an apartment and listening seldom on high volumes. My current PrimaLuna works indeed well on lower volumes as well but what about Luxman L-550 AX Mark II?

Anyone auditioned this particular amp on low volumes? 

Read that some other, more expensive Luxman's need some volume for it to shine.

Will drive Harbeth C7ES3 40AE.







Looks like the L-550 AXII has a loudness feature (on the remote). I do activate the loudness control at low level listening on my L-590 AXII

Thanks. What is the impact on your system and sound quality when you use loudness?

I would contrast it with the 507ux though.  The 550 has plenty of power, but the delivery may sound better with the 507 or 505