Luxman L-530 or Marantz PM-84 II

Need some advise on the above 2 integrated amplifiers. Long story short, I have both of these and really need to decide which to keep.

The L-530 drives in Class A mode in the first 15W and had Black Gates (30,000 micro F) and Elnas put in in the last 12 months and re-biased. There are a couple of upgraded RCA ports and new speaker binding posts.

I just acquired the PM-84 II which is supposed to do the first 25W in Class A and sadly, it's throwing out some static and noise whilst playing after about 3 0minutes. In the brief moments I listened to it, the Class A portion seems to pack more punch. It does run hotter (76,000-micro F) than the Luxman so I reckon it's 'purer' in that sense? I'm not sure what's up with the internals and kinda' hoping it's just some dirty contacts. Assuming that's the issue, it should be a cheap fix and I might just upgrade the whole gang of RCAs and speaker binding posts. Then again, maybe it involves dried up caps and those will be more costly to rectify?

I'd really like to get both the amps playing and deciding between the 2 to keep one. But I gotta be realistic and before I invest in restoring the Marantz, I'd like some advise on which is of better specs?

Luxman L-530:
Marantz PM-84 II (PM-84D):

Should I even bother with restoration of the Marantz or stick with the Luxman? I'm more of a listen with my ears kinda' guy but will like some help making sense of the specs.

Thanks in advance.
Based on my limited experience with a Marantz Esotec PM-5 (25W class A) and an old Luxman L-530, I believe the Marantz sonic style (during that period) is more powerful, especially in the bass, and more direct, whereas the Luxman style is more laid-back and more subtle. Very different to my ears, but which style do you think you might eventually prefer?

-- William (happen to be looking for an L-530 or better)
Keep the Luxman. Every Luxman amp/integrated amp review I have read has been very positive..
@Wchang - You are spot on in pointing out the sonic differences. The L-530 is indeed more laidback and provides a wider soundstage. The PM-84 II on the other hand delivers sound with a bit more dynamism and seems to project the sound further out to the listener. The low frequencies on the Marantz is eventually more defined compared to the Luxman. Of course, depending on mode and genre, each has it's own advantages. Unfortunately, that is precisely what's keeping torn between the 2...