Luxman L 505 U Integrated Amplifier

HI to Everyone
I am intending to buy LUXMAN L505U from Japan. I will also
need Step Up Power Converter. Which one is good or I can buy any. Does it going to affect sound or internal parts.
Does somebody have experience with the electronics from Japan.
Also, is it true that L505U sound much better than
McIntosh MA6500
Thanks in advance for any comment.

Why would you buy one from Japan when they are available in the US? By the time you are finished with step up and shipping and duties I would find it hard to believe you would be saving that much.

Also if you have any problems you will have to ship it back to Japan, too much work and uncertainty. I wouldn't do it.
Actually, You are right. That's My only concern, if is
anything wrong with the Amp it would cost Me a lot. On
other side I can get L505U for $2400. MSRP price is $3500
Nice amp, I own ints predecessor, the L-505f and I can highly recommend it. I still wouldn't buy any foreign version that requires a power converter due to possible sound deterioration. If you don't think that's an issue, Luxman amps usually don't give you any technical problems during the warranty period.

Can't comment on the differences to the MA6500 but I would be interested to read about it. From what I've heard the MA6500 is not the McIntosh integrated to go for. It also doesn't have a balanced input, in case you plan to connect a source by XLR. The L-505u does have at least one.
Agree with previous responses. Buy here or Canada. Also, I've listened to all of the MAC gear at Magnolia HiFi and must say.....I just don't get it. For that kind of money....very curious. Stick with the Luxman, I've owned several of their pieces and never been disappointed.
Thanks to all. I just spoke to the people from HIGHER TONE
Distributor for USA. LUXMAN Doesn't make L505U for USA
market-120V. Even if I buy here I would need power converter
Is there any problem if I use transformer.
I would really appreciate any knowledge about this.
Again thanks much
I just checked the website it certainly looks like the 505U is on their website, and I think it sells for $3,500.00 US which isn't much more than what you would pay to import it and add a step up transformer.
I mixed this amp in with an Ax7e and an ARC Vsi-55. Both were better than the Luxman to my ears and system. I think you can do better at this price point. Get into the better Luxman gear and all bets are off.
hi i have luxman L505u 100 volt from japan.use a japan made voltage transformer you can get it at audio cubes 2 its small about 5 pounds, sound wise its better than accuphase mcintosch.get a rotel rt 1084 am fm hd tuner matches silver sound ever.
Japanese hv the reputation of reserving better parts/technology for their local set. Have had the experience of opening up 02 units of marantz amps and indeed transformer for local 110v set is much larger...guess u just need to take care of a good step up transformer and u r done.
Your better off going with the higher priced Luxman L550 is a much better Integrated amp! Did you see the Absolute Sound review on the L550 mk2....they were comparing this amp to a Mcintosh c46 pre-amp and a Mcintosh mc402 amp and it sounded just as good as his high priced Mcintosh Reference gear...! Talk about.. "BANG FOR YOUR BUCK"..!!
Depends on your associated gear as well. I had a Luxman 550 A-Mk2. Itx 30 watts x 2 (although more like 70 watts x 2) may not be sufficient for some speakers. I have a McIntosh 6300 now and it drives my B&Ws much better. Also worth mentioning is that contemporary Lux gear does not sound like Lux from the 70's and 80's. Although there is a resemblance if the vintage sound is what you are after you may be disappointed.
I had Luxman L505U and I can tell that NAD M3 sound much
better. Unfortunately Luxman is now just a name, nothing
even close from 70' and 80'.
Check out the other discussions here on Luxman.
This has all been addressed before.

Quick take:
Any service needs to be done in Japan.
High markup here in N. America.
Transformer had no effect on sound.
Quality of unit almost precludes any warranty work.
Those are the upsides.

Peace of mind=patriotism and fealty to middle man.
That's the downside.

Your choice.
Kiza -

With all due respect, I find your assessment surprising. For 18 months, you have been changing amplifiers to find the best sound. You have owned: Rotel, Plinius 9100, Luxman L505u, Rowland, and the NAD 275BEE. When you auditioned McIntosh 6300 and Luxman L505u connected to a pair of B&W 801D speakers, you thought Luxman sounded alot better, right?

In Japan, it costs $1,900 to purchase a Luxman L505u. In comparing the 70's Luxman R1120 vs the new Luxman L505u, the new Luxman sounds much better. The higher end Luxman 507 and 509 will sound even better yet. I used the 507 with a step-down transformer for two months. Now, the unit is operating in North American voltage. This is achieved by changing the jumper inside the unit to 115v. Also, you can set it for 230v (which also requires the fuses be changed). After comparing the sound using the USA 115-volt operation and the 100-volt step-down transformer, I could not detect any difference.

In the end, Luxman, McIntosh, and Accuphase are the top amps in the world - no question about it. Your NAD is produced of Chinese components. I have doubts that it will last 30 years. Here are the top three tiers of INT AMPS: (1) Luxman L509u; (2a) McIntosh MA7000, and (2b) Luxman L507u; and (3) Accuphase E450. These results can vary based on your set-up (speakers, etc). To optimize sound quality with a Luxman, use four tower speakers with the unit: two in the front, and two in the back with A+B running. This is my personal opinion.
I've had the L-550 Mk2. You're right it probably is a step up from the L505u, but keep in mind that it is rated at only 20watts X 2 in pure class A. although, it is very much underated and probably puts out more like 65 watts X 2. nonetheless the L505u has more power (100watts x 2). Something to keep in mind when matching these amsp with speakers.
Waiting for my 509u, I tried the 20wpc pure class A 550AII with my B&W 803D.
It was clearly not enough for my speakers (good only at late night volumes) but I heard it with smaller and more efficient speakers (Living Voice) in my dealer's showroom and it sounded very well, very musical.

Luxman class AB (505u,507u and 509u) are different from class A integrated amps (550AII and 590AII).

Don't expect from a pure class A i.a. great control at louder volumes driving difficult speakers with rock or classical music, great detail and absolute neutrality.

On the other hand you can't ask 509u the warmness and musicality of the 590AII.

Luxman, that's to say, demonstrated both 509u and 590AII at Tokio International Audio Show with B&W 802D speakers, even if it's clear that 509 has better driving capability.
You mean Step Down rather than Step Up (USA 120v to 100v) for the Japan version of the L505 right?
I purchased a Luxman L505uxg direct from Japan. No pangs of guilt here as it relates to the US Importer. Saved $1200. No import duties were applied. Purchased a quality Acupwr 1000 watt US made step down transformer. Absolutely no impact using the transformer relating to sound quality. Transformer runs barely warm to the touch. Couldn't be happier.
Consider the lack of a US warranty a risk I was willing to take.