Luxman Knockoffs or Counterfeits?

Living in the US, it has been very difficult finding a Luxman on the used market. I see lots of models on ebay selling from Japan. The listings look suspicious to me - different sellers with the exact same photo of the product; sometimes the same photo with one seller naming a different model number than another seller, but using the same photo.    

I found one Japanese ebay seller who seems to be legit, Monotokyo, based on seller reviews, but I am hesitant to rely on ebay seller reviews.  

Does anyone have information about Luxman knockoffs or counterfeits? 


Try contacting albertportis.  He has a knack for finding people what they want: new, previously owned, demo, etc.  He is a great person and extremely fair with his prices.

This reference to “counterfeits” is a red herring. To my knowledge there have never been reports of Luxman counterfeits, which would be fakes produced by a company other than Luxman. 

Duh, differs countries have different electrical requirements- guess what, it’s been that way forever. Buy the model made for your country. But don’t call the others counterfeits 

A heck of a lot of people use voltage transformers successfully. The only issue is really cheap ones may hum.

My JVC Victor TT81 is 100V. I got a decent inexpensive 120/100 transformer. 120 comes from my Furman P18000 which has tremendous capacitor reserves; then to transformer 120/100 to TT.

My Luxman amp is 120v, but I would not hesitate to use a 100 v unit if either a good deal, or they are hard to find.

My only concern is if I forget and plug it into 120v by error