Luxman Knockoffs or Counterfeits?

Living in the US, it has been very difficult finding a Luxman on the used market. I see lots of models on ebay selling from Japan. The listings look suspicious to me - different sellers with the exact same photo of the product; sometimes the same photo with one seller naming a different model number than another seller, but using the same photo.    

I found one Japanese ebay seller who seems to be legit, Monotokyo, based on seller reviews, but I am hesitant to rely on ebay seller reviews.  

Does anyone have information about Luxman knockoffs or counterfeits? 


+1 twoleftears

I suggest only purchasing from the USA. Keep looking and waiting. As mentioned above you need a step-down transformer which isn't the end of the world but I don't recommend it.

If you buy a Luxman off of an eBay seller and for whatever reason your not satisfied, file a report with eBay and they will put a hold on the eBay sellers account and rule in your favor.

I sold a broken tool recently for parts, pictures of it broken and sure enough the guy said I misrepresented the item, eBay put a hold on the funds, 15 bucks and 5 shipping. The buyer has gotten it for free from me because according to him I would have to send him a pre paid shipping return label. Buyer knew what he was doing and got the item for free.  I would image a lot of gear sold in Japan and shipped here is fully refunded and the buyer keeps the goods. It would have to be damaged or seriously misrepresented for myself to keep something for free. 

Is there any reason using a step-down transformer would degrade sound quality?  

So much angst.  New from an authorized Luxman dealer or used from here at Audiogon or Audiomart or Echo Audio or.......  It's a waiting game.  Best of luck. Cheers

i think it is so silly, so shortsighted to try to save a few bucks on such an expensive, complicated, hundred pound amp, ship it halfway around the world, then... use a step down transformer every day, and then... risk no warranty support if it is damaged or malfunctions one day...

...and then... if you deal with all that, dodge those bullets, you get to worry if the piece is a fake!!??