Luxman Knockoffs or Counterfeits?

Living in the US, it has been very difficult finding a Luxman on the used market. I see lots of models on ebay selling from Japan. The listings look suspicious to me - different sellers with the exact same photo of the product; sometimes the same photo with one seller naming a different model number than another seller, but using the same photo.    

I found one Japanese ebay seller who seems to be legit, Monotokyo, based on seller reviews, but I am hesitant to rely on ebay seller reviews.  

Does anyone have information about Luxman knockoffs or counterfeits? 


Will Luxman not look up the serial number for you and tell you mfg date? I’m strongly considering Luxman but have been wondering if they will do this.

I am a Simaudio owner and also considering a used preamp from them. I took the serial number from picture and emailed to CS. They ALWAYS get back to me in 24 hours via email. The unit I was looking at 5 years old. Seller said unknown (third party seller)

But I would feel more comfortable if Luxman did same. Not sure if all mfgs will do this for you based on serial number.

But with a 24 hour turnaround from Simaudio does not impact a sale which is pretty awesome. Also not sure I’d buy on EBAY and especially from Japan. But if your going to try this maybe try  the serial number thru Luxman for mfg info. 

Luxman is a much more common brand in Japan.  All the models coming from Japan will have 100v electrical, so you need a step-down transformer.  This makes those models considerably less desirable.

You will want to get a quality step down transformer so you are not introducing extraneous noise to your system.  I think this is the main detractor to buying a 100v Luxman. 

Nice gear but be careful. I would look for a local source and be patient. 

Not sure they're hard to find used in the US there are 146 listings for used Luxman gear on US Audiomart.