Luxman integrated - good phono stage?

I have a Luxman 509u integrated amp, and am considering adding a turntable to my system. I am assuming that all the current Luxman integrateds use the same phono stage, and I am wondering how others have found it to be in practice.

Does anyone have any experience with the phono stage and examples of cartridges (MM or MC) that were particularly well suited to the Luxman's phono stage?
I would recommend contacting someone at the Needle Doctor, Music Direct or Accoustic Sounds. I am a vinyl newbie as well. I just had a vintage Denon DP-60L repaired to go with my Luxman 550 A II and Harbeth M 30's. I am using an Ortofon 2M Bronze recommended by the nice gents at Needle Doctor. I am definitely digging it. Consult with an expert it will help you avoid expensive mistakes. Good luck.
Many thanks. It is good to hear that the Ortofon 2M works well with the Luxman phono stage as the 2M Black has been recommended to me.
I haven't heard the 2M Black, but the reviews on it are very positive. I'm sure that you will be in vinyl heaven with that cartridge. Happy listening.