Luxman integrated for Harbeth Compact 7's

I’m looking to move on from a Croft phono integrated, which quite honestly, is quite nice with the 7’s. But as it goes in this hobby, we tend to enjoy playing with gear. In searching the forums here and elsewhere, it seems this combination has made some quite happy. My price range is $5000-$6000K US, so it’s the Class A 550 unit which I have my eye on. Looking for some thoughts on this. The Croft is so darned good, I may hold on to it. Especially considering it would only bring in $1000 or so. Thanks for your thoughts.
I'm using a Luxman 590 AXII along with the Harbeth P3ESR XD speakers in a large room and I have no issues at all. I do use a pair of REL T/7i subwoofers.
I have not received my 550 yet. Will chime back with an update. I should be getting close...ordered roughly 3 weeks ago. Cheers -Don
I think you'll be glad you didn't go with a Hegel. I had the big Hegel with your speakers and it was a bit thin sounding. I now have HL5 Plus and Accuphase E-600 and I'm done for a long time. I'm not knocking Hegel, just the combo of Hegel and Harbeth. 
i think my hegel h390 sounds terrific driving my compact 7’s as well as my super hl5+’s, as good as any solid state amp i have tried, and i have tried many.... then again i do have a lovely, sweet sounding source... ymmv of course
I auditioned my Tannoy Sterlings driven by a Luxman 20wpc class A Integrated. It sounded wonderful. Don't  remember the model number.