Luxman E-250 or Sutherland 20/20, or something else?

Moving on from my C48 preamp which had a very capable MC/MM phono section. In the $2,500 +- category narrowed it down to the Luxman and Sutherland 20/20. Didn’t know anything about either till I started researching. The Luxman has some cool design features and more flexibility than the Sutherland, IMO. I’m intrigued by their step up transformer for LO MC carts, which I have (Cadenza Black). Filter switches could be nice to have. The mono function seems intriguing but do I need it if I use a mono cart? However, very little user feedback online about this product. 

The Sutherland obviously has a solid reputation with Stereophile and Absolute Sound recommendations. Also, lots of user feedback that generally provide favorable reviews. Not too fond of having two wall warts for the base model so would probably have to spend the extra for the line power supply, so that puts the 20/20 about $400 more than the Luxman. Is the extra money worth it for the 20/20 over the Lux? Has any one tried either of these? Any other recommendations in this price range? Thanks in advance for your comments/questions. 
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From my experience with the Sutherland 20/20, which was quite underwhelming, I'd opt for the Luxman (although I've not tried that model myself.) That said, there are so many different combinations of equipment in an analog phono setup there's no universal experience with any given bit of kit. Obviously, lot's of people like the 20/20, but it was dull sounding and lacking in energy in my setup. If you're buying new equipment, hopefully you could find a dealer with a trial policy. 
Not to confuse but may want to consider the Manley Chinook SE MKII. There are many phono stages out there but in this range the Chinook is very hard to beat.  
Unless you’re looking at LOMC carts with output below 0.3mV, I’d be leaning towards the tubed phono pre’s in that price range but that’s simply the sound I prefer. In this range I’d be looking at Modwright, Allnic, EAR, Manley, and Herron (although Herron has the least tubey sound of this bunch but is still great).

If you're going really low output MC then I'd go SS and look for a Whest in your price range.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. If I’m now using a tube preamp/line stage won’t that instill at least some of that tubeness into the sound? 

I’ve heard of the Manley Chinook but the others are new to me. I was going to use Music Direct so I could exchange if I didn’t like the sound. Any other stores like that were I can find the products mentioned? 
Using a tubed linestage isn’t a sonic substitute for using a phono preamp with tubed gain stages. I think Upscale Audio offers 60-day returns.
Thanks for reminding me of the Upscale. I see where they have the Chinook. That’s pushing my budget a little but may be worth it indeed. I see they have a used Rogue tube phono stage. Anybody have any experience with the Rogue tube phono stage? Though, not tube, the Pathos looks very nicely built. Not much feedback on that phono stage. 
MusicDirect is distributing Whest phono stages...they have a fairly liberal return policy. Read some of the Buyer feedback on the Whest Audio web sight - there are a lot of them. This should , at the very least, raise your interest in giving one a go :)
MusicDirect is distributing Whest phono stages...they have a fairly liberal return policy. Read some of the Buyer feedback on the Whest Audio web sight - there are a lot of them. This should , at the very least, raise your interest in giving one a go :)
i found the sutherlands well built, clean sounding but lacking in drive and pace

suggest a lehmann decade or ayre p5xe for ss or manley chinook or audio research tube phono stage 
I'd also mention that it might be worth a call to Mehran at Sorasound and see if he has a demo deal on a RCM Sensor Prelude. He often has unadvertised items for a good price. That phono stage is under the radar but the reviews you can find online give an accurate description of its performance in my experience. Mehran is a very nice dealer to work with. 
Thanks for the suggestions. I will check out the RCM, Lehman, Ayre, AR and Manley. While we’re looking for a Phono stage any input on those known to work well with low output MC carts in my price range? I have a Cadenza Ortofon Black and always felt I’ve not gotten the best of that cart with the phono stages I’ve used which is the phono in my C 48, which has variable load settings is set at 60 db gain boost, and a Musical Surroundings Phononema. I had it in a Rega P9 and now using it on a 1200 G. 
The RCM has worked extremely well with my Ortofon Kontrapunkt H and Transfiguration Axia S, which have slightly more output than the Cadenza Black (.4 mv vs. .33.) In particular, the combination of RCM and Kontrapunkt is very engaging, full bodied, and lively. 
How about the Parasound JC3+? Any thoughts on how this one compares to the other options suggested? 
I have had the sutherland 20/20 for a few years and the optional liner power supply for about a year. 
it supplies more than enough drive and dynamics and sounds amazing.  
ran it with an Ortofon Cadenza Blue .5mv and the sound was nearly as dynamic as my Marantz SA8005 SACD player which is incredibly dynamic.  
More recently the 20/20 really showed its mettle by cleanly powering a new Audio Technica ART9XA at 0.2mv running 64db.  
refined, dynamic, noise free and squeaky clean colorful sound.  
the myths of the Sutherland pres lacking dynamics are not true, possibly stemming from the early battery powered units.  
They do accentuate the high top end a little by virtue of an RIAA curve that compensates for the mother cutting head.  the result is extended top end that makes vinyl sound equally clear and detailed as the best digital sources.  most preamps give vinyl a rolled off sound. 
the 20/20 with LPS for clear, clean dynamic sound.    
I ended up going with a Herron 2, not 2A. I like there design approach, got a decent deal on it, so worth giving it a go. I like there does Spoke with Keith Herron about getting additional plugs. Supper nice guy. It’s nice knowing your product can be supported if need be. I’ll keep you all posted. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Congrats on the Herron. Are you planning to continue using the Cadenza Ortofon Black? I have a VTPH-2A and wouldn’t recommend going any lower in output than the 0.3mV your cart is spec’d at. Let us know how it sounds!
Hey 3EP, I’m sticking with the Cadeza Black. I have the 64 gain tube set up and Keith Herron thinks that’s enough for my cart. May have to play around with load settings to find the sweet spot. It’ll arrive next week. Anxious to hear how it will sound with my system.