Luxman dealers

I am interested in a Luxman integrated amp. Obviously dealing online is peferable given current situations. Who are some of the Luxman dealers in the East Coast? Actually it doesn't matter which coast, as long as reliable dealership.
     Perrotta Consulting in Bethel, CT is a Luxman Dealer.
Anthony is very fair and a really good guy.
While accompanying my wife on a business trip, l discovered Command Performance A/V in Falls Church, VA. It is a beautiful store with a nice selection of high-end Audio gear. They are very nice people as well. Since visiting I cannot stop thinking about the Luxman integrateds and turntables that I saw and heard there.
I bought my Luxman L-590AxII from Mike is great to work with and sure will give you a better deal. No tax when I purchased mine. 
Music Direct is great too, but they definitely collect sales tax. I purchased a new phonostage during the pandemic, so I guess I’m in that demographic that grew up in the 90s. LOL  though, interestingly, I didn’t have but a few vinyl records, which I played on my father’s TT. It was mostly cassettes and CDs. 
Glen with Arizona Hi Fi......Scottsdale.
Super cool guy, easy to talk to and he is happy to share his experiences.