Luxman D380 and Luxman pd 171

Dear all
i have a all Luxman system now 
niagra 5000 with hurricane power cords and analysis plus silver apex connections 
aurender N100H 
‘LUxman Cl38uc and MQ88uc in monoblock config
with DA-06 dac with triangle speakers 
My dealer offered me to audition PD171 with Ortofon cadenza blue (used) and brand new D380 tube output CD player 

‘’question : is there any space for red book cd if I have a streamer and which one would be picked up first 
or both ? Provided the wife allows now ......
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Luxman sells the D-N150 CD player. It's 8 1/4" x 11 3/4". It also has a built in DAC which you can hook up your streamer to. By the way I have a CL38U SE and the PD-171 w/a Dynavector  20xl 2 MC cart. The phono section on the CL38 is excellent.
Yes above that the New CD player D03x has a mqa dac 
do you have a CD player ?

I use a Cambridge Audio BD752 universal player. I play it also w/my Blusound Node through the RME ADI-2 DAC into my Luxman. I use Aerial 5T speakers what are you using?