Luxman D06 digital input limited 16bit/44Khz ???

Hello, I write from Italy, I recently ordered a SACD player Luxman D06 (to match Luxman 509u integrated amp), to be used for my SACDs as well as an external DAC using both 44/16 files ripping my CDs and 96/24 high resolution files, from a PC.

Specifications state that D06 coaxial input accepts files up to 96Khz.

My dealer received the D06 yesterday, tells me that although he uses 96/24 files, the word "coaxial 44.1" appeared on D06 display.

It would be really bad, so much that I consider the idea of the cancellation of the purchase and choose another SACD player.

Has someone used the D06 as an external DAC with high resolution files reading "96" on its display?
I suggest that you try to contact Luxman support and ask them about this issue. Most likely, it is a "display only" issue that can be corrected through firmware. Once you get the player, please post your impressions and also let us know what other players you compared it against.
Good Luck.
User's manual say that with some output devices display may show a value which is different from the actual sampling frequency... A display issue !

Player sounds sweet and natural, but it must break in before I can say something more! Furthermore now I have a 550aII, waiting for the 509u; the 20w class A is not enough for my B&W 803D and is too softened for my ears, I have a wrong power cord between wall and power distributor, the Oyaide Tunami GPX, which has a dark tonal balance, it additionally softens the system... I wait for a GPX-R, more open and neutral...
Work in progress!
Luxman's answer was not very clear to me, they told me that D06 shows informations about WAV files (not FLAC? It was not specified) and there must have been a problem in the PC configuration, but it would be only a problem about the display, not the real sampling data of the reproduced file.
However, player supports files from 32 to 96KHz, at 16 and 24 bits.
Hi Biggy79,
I intend to buy Luxman D06, can you tell a bit about its sound colour! thks