Luxman D-06u cd-player

Hello folks!
I am considering buying this player. Anyone knows this player well? How does it sound? And how long is the load time from inserting a cd - to the player starts playing the cd? Many high end cd-players are so slow!
Is the cd-tray quiet when open/closing?

I dont think many of you have the U-version of the player, but I think the answers to my questions should be the same as D-06.

Thanks for help!
I recieved mail from Luxman and they say it takes 20-30 seconds to load a cd. I think that's a very long time! Anyone have this player and can see how long time it exactly takes?
I have the D06, not sure it s the same as you are asking about (the "u"), but I find it a total pleasure all around. I have it mated to a Luxman 509U integrated driving my beloved Vandersteen 5As. It take a few seconds to load a CD, but, please, why is that a problem? Sound is magnificent, have this system in a large and dedicated room (clearly, I live alone these days).
I have a Luxman D-05 (same transport as the D-06 I believe) and it takes 25 seconds to turn it on, open the drawer, load and read the disc, then start playing. Yes, that's slow compared to every other player I've owned. A SACD disc takes a couple seconds longer. The drawer is smooth, quiet, and gives an impression of well machined quality. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if one has to wait ten extra seconds for the music to start?

Does this player do bad recordings in a better way than many other players? Does it have a warm and laidback (treble) sound that is remarkable?

What about D-06 comparing to McIntosh cd-player (MCD301)?
I mate it with a Luxman 509U integrated. Main reason? Well, the pre has tone controls! That's right, tone controls! I often use the treble one to ever so slightly turn down the brightness on many older CDs, and its magical! May be "high-end heresy", but my goal is to be able to sit in my music room and play music I love and enjoy it. Its great to be able to do that, regardless of the recording. I can also use the bass control to boost old Motown records, which lack a bottom end, and then it gets rockin! Not a purist, just one who wants to enjoy the experience. What;s your goal here?
Is the tone controls working good? If there is a VERY harsh recording with f.example sharp sss-sounds and harsh cymbals, will treble control make it laidback and smooth? What if I turn the treble maximum down, will the adjustment soften down all the sharpness in treble area, anyway how bad recording is? Does it take all the treble area or just a little part of it? Do you use loudness?
I am considering The L-590AX. But never heard it.
I feel that a bad recording is not going to be made great by any tone controls. I use them in a subtle manner, and they work great that way. You can definitely take the edge off the top, or nicely add bottom, but no way you can make crappy sound great, at least that's my view. I would MUCH rather have the option that not. No loudness buttons, just some cut or boost at the bottom and top. For me, it can be nirvana. Do you have the opportunity to try it?