Luxman D-03x or Marantz KI Ruby

Looking to replace my older wounded Esoteric cd player with something new(er). I've read quite a bit on both the Luxman D-03x and the Marantz KI Ruby. I live in a small town hundreds of miles from any substantial dealer of either product and was curious whether others have had a chance to compare these two in person and why they chose one over the other. Or, if they were able to audition these two but ultimately chose another player instead of either of these 
It’s a step lower than the Ruby but Marantz just introduced the SACD 30n that uses same MMM dac scheme that Ruby does and also has a streamer built in. 

I think the transport is a bit lower quality and the chassis isn’t copper coated like Ruby is. But maybe a less expensive option that gets you both sacd and streaming
I've not had the chance to hear the Luxman, but I'm a dealer for Marantz.  The RUBY really is a nice sounding player, and well built.  And as mentioned above by KREN, the new Marantz SACD30n could be a option for you that would wrap cd/sacd playback along with a streamer in one box.  I've been impressed with the SACD30 so far.
Thank you all. I took a leap of faith and just bit the bullet and purchased a Marantz SA-10. I believe a got a good deal on it so that it didn't end up being a whole lot more than what I could have bought a KI Ruby for. I really wanted balanced outputs because that's what I had used  previously and I wasn't looking forward to buying new unbalanced cables in addition to a new player had I chosen the Ruby.  
Great choice!  It's a really nice player.  Let us know what you think of it compared to your Esoteric.
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