Luxman CL34 vs CJ PV11 or PV8 + 9

Always questing for the next rung up in the preamp world... What can I say, I like the "sound" of tubes, and I in no way wish to open the whole can of worms re tubes, euphony, distortion, etc.

Currently running Luxman CL34. Basic topology untouched, but "upgrades" include:
Carbon film in signal path (mostly Kiwami)
K40Y9 and Jantzen superior Z coupling caps
New and enlarged filter caps
avalanche diodes

I like this preamp the best of my modest flock (similarly upgraded Luxman CL35 Mk III, dynaco PAS's, various Heathkits)

I've got around $1k to play with, and I've often read that vintage CJ is a good performer in that price range.
I've read several people opine that within the CJ lineup the PV11 was the best at delivering "tube sound" and accuracy (this statement might cause some to see red- please save your incredulity for elsewhere).

Anyone have experience with both of these? Would the PV11 (or the similar PV8 and PV9 for that matter) be an improvement? Yes, ultimately a very subjective matter, but looking for opinions...