Luxman CL-35MKIII or Audio Research SP-8

My system :
Speakers Tannoy Prestige Stirling SE
Power Amplifier Pass Labs Aleph 5
I listen Marantz 7C and I love very much but I don't have so much money and i need to buy or Luxman or Audio Research.
What is better for my system ?
Thank you very much for all!
I want to write more but it's very difficult for me.
I owned a SP8 many years ago and liked it very much..That being said the SP-8 is quite old and if you decide to buy I would allow for $$$ for sending the unit in and getting a complete going over ( unless it has already been done ).With the age on this unit something has to need attention..........
Are you talking about an SP-8 or SP-8MKII? If I remember right there were 7 revisions for the SP-8 preamp to make it a MKII.

The SP-8MKII is an incredible sounding preamp, very neutral and one of the best phono stages around. Think SP-10 in one chassis.

Don't believe everything you read. I sent my SP-8MKII back to Audio Research approximately 1 year ago for a check up and it checked out fine, just needed tubes.
I've owned both. The SP-8 is clearly better.
But both have the same quality tube?
Porto, You did not answer.

What SP-8 are you referring to. I assure you there is a big difference between an SP-8 and an SP-8MKII.
It's SP-8 MKI.
Luxman, since they released the The CL-350 they have been creating "State of the art" solid state pre-amp's.
On the audio quality SP 8 is a bit better. Not much the difference.
Porto. From a life long Tannerd & former user of both preamps.

Chatta. Say what? A little bit better?....surely you must be kidding here.
Have you heard both products side by side in your own rig?

I will be blunt and to the point : There is just no comparison here whatsoever. The ARC sp-8 is in a completely different leaugue altogether regardless of model revisions.
If you are into vinyl.... the Luxman's phono stage is a joke by comparison [a bad joke for that matter].

The ARC's line stage line stage is no slouch either and still competetive with many of todays better tubed offerings.

Not to mention ARC's service and support is top shelf.

The SP-8 was a breakthrough product in it's day,and surely destined to become an all time classic.

The Luxman CL-35 MK3.....Forget about it, mediocre at best. My original [unmodified] CJ pv3 bettered it in every which way.
Ecclectique, Like I said, think SP-10 in one chassis.

No joke, one of the best phone stages around at any price.