Luxman CL 35III/MQ68 Replace or retube?

I bought the Luxman tube gear over 30 years ago. Every 10 years or so I get the itch for something new. Usually retubing the pre-amp scratches the itch and I am good for another 10 years. I have never replaced the power amp tubes although I actually have a rare set of NOS replacement tubes in factory boxes. Retube or replace w/ an integrated from Music Hall, Arcam, Creek, Rega etc? Live in Austin and listen primarily to mid-range vocals and lots of live music. Current speakers are Epos 12.2s and CD player is a Music Hall 25.2. Pros/cons, opinions appreciated. Thanks
If you like it why change it? I had one of these in the 70s and it was a very good unit. IF I could find a GOOD tech I would have him go through and replace resistors and especially caps with better ones of the same value. This almost always helps even a new unit and yours is old enough to really benefit from it.
I agree with Stanwal. Updating the caps and resistors will certainly make a positive improvement, and why even consider getting something else before you have tried those NOS tubes.
Krauti's thread on the downside of tubes was very interesting. Will continue to think about a change but will probably talk myself out of it.
Replace. It is not cost effective change the caps and resistors. Check out the 'Japan Joy' store on e-Bay, they deal in current Luxman tube gear and may be able to help your decision.
I disagree. Very few components of any price use the best available parts. For a new component you are typically paying 10x the manufacturing cost. This is a good design with an opportunity to put in much higher grade parts than you would get in a new one.