Luxman Audio Gear - what is happening with them here in USA

I would like to throw this out to the group and just simply ask a question about what is happening with their distribution here in the US. This company has been around for awhile and has made some great strides recently to get back into the high end audio marketplace with some great products. However, I have heard that the US Distribution has changed, and leaves me to wonder what is this company's direction, where would I get something of their fixed here in the US and what is their future ?  Some of their stuff is not cheap but makes me wonder about there future here in the US and should I hold off considering buying their products. Responses would be appreciated.....       
I emailed Luxman to ask about dealers in the ATL and got a response. It sounds as if Luxman is revamping their support and distributorship here in the US. Here's the email address of the person who seems to be in charge of the restructuring effort.
It's a big plus my dealer dropped Luxman about a year ago because of poor support. W/the new person in charge Luxman is back in his store and some of the prices have actually dropped.
Luxman America
(USA / Canada)
Luxman America Inc.
27 Kent Street Suite
122 Ballston Spa
NY 12020 USA
Luxman is here to stay with an excellent  dealer network. Unfortunately  previous importer with long waits, poor customer support and price inflation did a lot of bad. 
I am already a happy 900 series owner and the SE tube series. Could not be happier. 
Best regards 

Have to say Luxman is some of the nicest built equipment around glad to hear they have sorted out the dealer network issues.
I was also less than thrilled with the previous distributor.  I am happy with my Luxman integrated though.
I look forward to lower prices and better distribution!
The prices for 2017 have dropped. For example, the C900u preamp was $20K and now $15K, same for the matching amp. I had the 2017 price list emailed to me from the new distributer,  They are trying to have similar prices in all parts of the world.

I heard the C900u preamp (with Luxman monoblocks $60k) at the LA Audio Show in June 2017 at the previous Luxman distributer's room. It sounded awesome. My next amp and preamp will be the 900 series Luxmans.
Thank you gentleman and especially you yyzsantabarbara for an inside look at the current pricing. I live about 2 hours from Ballston Spa which is right outside of Saratoga, NY and an absolutely beautiful area in central / western NY. Real close to the race track.
Count me among Luxman's fans.
mountainsong, that L-590AX that I bought from you in February is some of the best money I've ever spent, the sound is stunning. Everyone that has heard it has been amazed.
Thanks again.
Builder3 I am happy to hear that you still love the 590AX. I had  owned twice.  That amp it is one of the best regardless price. 
The 900 series is the best electronics  I had ever owned  period. 
Luxman all the way.  Japanese finest. 

I am anticipating luxman es1200 power conditioner. It seems to compete with accuphase's power conditioner. I hope the price would be as good as that in asia.

Much Thanks! for sharing- All.

I would not mind auditioning the Luxman CD/SACD spinner recently reviewed in Stereophile.  Happy Listening!

I was recently auditioning a $15k + turntable and cartridge through a Luxman valve preamp, a Bryston amp, and a pair of odd-shaped KEF speakers.

There was a buzz in one channel of the LUXMAN that could not be gotten rid of. The tech fellow and the turntable manufacturer switched out everything and the fault was found to stay in that one channel of the Luxman.

One swallow does not a summer make but these are not the Luxman products of yore. Today they seem to be built down to a price. I'm sure Magnolia will have them next.

Thanks to everyone for all the informative, level-headed discussion about Luxman components. I am a hifi neophyte about to invest a fairly significant chunk of my yearly income in new equipment. A Luxman integrated amp is on my short list. ----- My questions are about the compatibility of a 590 series IA with low sensitivity speakers, e.g., Magnepan .7s, and the capabilities and quality of the 590 headphone stage. My first concern arises from the knowledge that Luxman amps are rated (by Luxman) at considerably lower power than comparably priced, hi-end equipment. My second concern arises from pure ignorance. ----- Many thanks for a thoughtful response.  
"One swallow does not a summer....I'm sure Magnolia will have them next."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Come on, this falls into the pantheon of ridiculous comments, of which there are many. Jeez louise....

sonometer, I’ll just post these links for you to look at. Luxman only publishes the power for the class A portion of the amp, which seems a dis-service. I wouldn’t feel comfortable making a blanket statement about the amp and your speakers, although I’m inclined to think it wouldn’t be an issue.
Pantheon - First, you are ignorant, like many, about the merchandising practices of big manufacturers that 10 years ago no one thought would be in Best Buy like B&W, KEF, McIntosh. They buy their way in. Why not Luxman? 
Second, a comment cannot fall into a pantheon. That is a malapropism. Stick with jeez etc.
You are correct. Many manufacturers no longer publish FTC spec ratings for their amplifiers. The reviews of the Audionet 500 wpc RMS amplifier by Stereophile proves your point. The expensive Audionet went into thermal overload during the FTC pre-conditioning test. What is it really? A 300 wpc RMS  amplifier? That regulation still has the power of law and it still is a requirement. Only if one passes the initial test can a "peak music rating" be specified. What do the importers and manufacturers have to hide? Is Luxman any different?

My impression is that Luxman is hiding the fact that the amp actually goes into A/B after the initial 30 watts of class A output. Beyond that, I can't comment, nor do I have any idea what other manufacturers do or don't do. I love the amp, you were unhappy with one you saw. Your experience was obviously an outlier, since every other owner I've heard has nothing but positive things to say.
I live the Luxman sound but my 505 u lost a channel and my 117 amp lost a channel. I am afraid to spend that much money on a piece by a company that has failed me twice. Multiple repairs on the 117 but that was a long time ago. Strange that the 25 year newer piece would have the same issues. I do think they look great however.