Luxman 590axii vs Pass Labs int 60

Anyone had the opportunity to compare these specific amps? Both are "quasi Class A" amps. I auditioned the int 60 and was extremely impressed and even more so when hooked to the MSB ADC V. How does it compare to the Luxman 590axii? They seem to be in direct competition with each other. Which do you like best?
George, the L-509X and L-590AXII are not the same amps. They are spec'ced different and sound different if you compare both in a demo.

Of course they are spec’ed different and sound different, one is a 120w-8ohm powerhouse because of the higher rails the other not. They have different + and - rail volts, different wattage, and different bias.

What I’m saying if you care to study both internals is, if the rails were the same voltage on both and both biased the same they would sound the same.

The only physical difference is the power transformers primary wingdings.



Cheers George
I compared the two and they both had The warm, class A clean sound I wanted without dealing with tubes. I would have been happy with either. Went with the Luxman for the extra features, A & B speakers, the headphone input, the MC input and the fact that it had tone and a loudness button with a line straight bypass. Of course many here will Scream about those items being included, but I had no desire to deal with buying and dealing with even more separate and costly equipment, plus interconnects. Love the loudness when playing at low levels also. I choose an integrated to begin with to avoid buying more stuff.  Go with the Pass if you don’t want or need the extra features, but I love having those extra features. Hope this helps.