Luxman 550 A II 20 Watt what that means?

Do you guys think that this 20 watts amp can drive my helicons 800 MK II
iam so tented to get one of those Japanese great looking units.

Advice pls.
Yeah.Luxman to me is the new Accuphase and I drool when I see them (got in touch with ex reviewer for Soundstage who took plunge on one with some esoteric two way floor standers).But your speaker are 89.5 sens at a 4 Ohm load.I don't think it's enough top push them up the hill.Did deeper and get 590.You speaker company recommends 50-400 wpc.The 550 is 40 in 4ohm and the 590 is 60wpc into 4 ohm.If your room is large enough for those speakers and you want to get any volume the 550 probably is little to little.
Unless you have a big room, the Helicon 800 will not work well. I drive the 400's in a decent size room `18 by 15 with the Luxman and they sound great together. The 550 MK II sounds as loud as the 9100.