Luxman 509x vs Hegel H390

The shortlist is mainly coming down to these two genuinely great amps.

What sets them apart in SQ overall & how would you describe the sound signature for each one.





That’s interesting. What did you like about the Hegel vs the Luxman. Cause I really want a Luxman after buying a cheap late 80s integrated and was super surprised at how good it sounds. Never heard a Hegel. 

I’m in love with my 509x and got rid of my Krell K300I because I didnt want any of the digital side that I never really used, but overall I did miss my tonal controls which I now have back. My speakers are Monitor Audio Platinum PL300II(no sub)and love how much richer they sound with the 509x.

After much consideration , carefully weighed with input from everyone here in mind.. The final nod went to the Luxman 509uxii . The more one looked at the Hegel , it became clear the aesthetic shortcomings not to mention the rather "heavy dense if not dour soiund" might pose issues in terms of long term ownership.

Paid via paypal on ebay , 30 days to try it out , seller pays for return shipping if there is anything amiss, will have an audio tech give it a thorough check. Ended up paying a little over $7.5k incl. tax for the new item. It was after one more listen last night to an audio clip with the 509uxii, then all was clear, get this amp. Should be here in less than two weeks. I am so looking forward to having it in my system.



Lux for sure.  I have yet to hear a Hegel amp that I really like the sound of and I have heard most of them.