Luxman 509 or McIntosh 8900

Hello all!

Been doing a great amount of research on getting a new "buy once, cry once" integrated amp..  Ive narrowed this down to the Luxman 509x and McIntosh 8900..  Ill be running this into a pair of Polk 707's which I am very happy with and prob won't be upgrading for 5-10 years.  

This would be streaming mostly and USB HiRes..  The McIntosh has the old DA1 module and I would get a separate streaming DAC for the Luxman.  Moderate listening levels.  The Polk's are 87db efficient and 250-300 watts recommended I believe.

Any feed back, suggestions would be great!!

Oh, and I have heard the McIntosh with Cornwalls and LOVED it..  I can not find a dealer to hear the Luxman..  So the Luxman would be a purchase off of suggestion only.  

- Brian
Haven't heard Mc's in a very long time so should not comment.

Love the Luxman integrateds. Extended in bass and treble, dead quiet, and sweet in the midrange to treble. Also, excellent tone controls you won't be afraid to use when necessary.
Thank you erik_squires,

Do you feel it would have enough power to to drive the "hard to drive" Polk's effectively?  
The 509 adds an output stage compared to the 507, I'm sure it will be fine.


I used to own Mac gear a long time ago and can’t really comment on current offerings.  I would be a little concerned on ownership changes with Mac, not like the good old days.  Luxman still seems to be actively moving forward with their gear.  Of course listening to both would be best but as you mentioned, may not work with the Luxman.  I would lean toward Luxman based on me personal research and possible resale value.
You can use the Mac for 5 years and get 75% of your money back if you sell. 
Hi Brian,

If you’re interested, I have a L-509X I’d be happy to send your way for an audition. Where are you located?

- Colin

Luxman dealer in Nashville, TN

McIntosh generally sounds lush and powerful, though clarity in the highs really depends on speaker combination.

I had the Mc452 and now have the 509X and they feel they are completely opposites.  Paired with my Martin Logan 11As (which have a slight roll off in the highs) the MC452 was too warm and lost the crispness to make some instruments sounds realistic.  The 509X loses a bit of the lush body but you get a very revealing and neutral sound character with very crisp and smooth highs.  Never fatiguing (at least to me).

it all depends on the what sound you are looking for.  I haven’t heard the Polks myself, but if they tend to be on the brighter side the McIntosh may work for you.  Either way I think the 509X is probably a bit more versatile in general.