Luxman 505ux vs. Rogue Pharaoh

I’ve been using the Luxman 505ux for the past couple of years and I like it but have been thinking of going back to having tubes in my system. Has anyone had the chance to compare these two integrateds? I'm using Dynaudio Special 25's for speakers. Thanks.
I haven't but if I may make the following comments...

The Pharaoh is a solid state power amp combined with a tubed preamp section.  Its power amp is also Class D vs. the Class A/B in your Luxman so this alone would mean a big change.

So if you want to add tubes, why not just add a tubed preamp to your Luxman's Main-Ins jacks to see how you like it first? 
I've used a solid state amp/tube preamp combo in the past, once using the Rogue 99 Magnum as my pre. I liked having the tubes in the chain. However, I would really like to stick with an integrated amp. I guess my main concern is with the Class D amp. I've never heard a Class D amp but have read that they can sound very good. 
I was looking at that 505mark2. Kinda on the fence...was also looking at those PSaudio mono blocks( stellar) with their gain cell preamp. Like to upgrade my system. My Tandberg 3026a and Rotel preamp got some miles on them.