Luxman 505ux vs. Belles Aria

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two integrated amps? I currently own the Luxman paired w/Dynaudio Special 25 speakers. I really like the Luxman and realize it retails for twice as much as the Belles but the Belles stuff has always intrigued me and I've never had a chance to hear any of their amps.
Probably fairer to compare to the Aria pre-amp an stereo amp.  Stacked the two units probably aren't much taller than the Luxman.
I've never heard these 2 amps with anywhere near the same equipment and listening was months apart,  but my general feeling is that they would be very close.  As good as the Luxman is,  once the Belles has been online with a signal through it for a few days,  It is amazingly good for its price range.  I suspect that they'd be very close.