LUXMAN 505u?

im looking to pickup a Luxman 505u integrated. any experiences, feedback and speaker recommendations would be helpful.
Has anyone gotten a 507 from Japan recently? If so any recommendations? Are their models still able to change the voltage for the US? I would worry that a transformer might impact SQ. Any advice?
The L505u is an interesting piece of audio equipment. I decided to go that direction due to cabnitry constraints that prevented me from using a medium power tube amp. I bought the L505u on reputation. My speaker system is extremely hohographic with exceptional depth perspective. At least that is the way it sounded with the tube amp I was using previously. Right out of the box, I couldn’t believe how congested and "thick" sounding the L505u reproduction was.I expected a little better start up than that, however, in as much as all audio equipment needs to go through a "break in" period, I decided to be patient. Well, after 200 hours I was told that the reproduction would totally open up; equivalent to opening a door. Yes there was an improvement, but only slight. I now have about 1000 hours on the piece and have also tried a variety of tweeks to see if the sound character would change or improve. Agreed, it has improved somewhat but not to the extent I expected. The sound reproduction is accurate and pleasant but nowhere near that wonderful "holographic" and totally open reproduction I experienced with tubes. Interestingly, I am using the same pair of speakers with another tube based system I own. God, what a difference. Everyone who has heard both my systems agrees. I have discussed this issue with various dealers and members of the CAES (Chicago Audio Engineering Society.) Generally speaking, most agree that this is, for the most part, one of the primary difference between tube based audio and solid state. Be that as it may, I guess I am not totally enamoured with the L505u. Lovely build and wonderful features. I wish the sound matched. Unfortunately I really can’t afford to experiment with other solid state amps.

This post is almost 9 years old. I understand the L-505 is unable to match the tube amp in areas of holographic and open sound presentation. I was wondering if the L-590AXII would bridge the gap as it's truly a wonderful Class A amp.
I had Luxman L505u for short period because I was moving from Tube amplifier and the speakers were Totem Model 1, found soft sounding, the bass and vocal were not as good as the tube.Went back to Tube, however the dealer insisted for next model L507 for improvement.