Luxman 505u vss LFD LE Mkiv with Harbeth

Has any one done a direct comparison of the Luxman 505u to the LFD LE Mkiv drivivng a pair of Harbeth Compact 7es3?After reading numerous positive comments of the Luxman with Harbeths I bought a new one last Nov. After over 200 hours of break in I could not get into it. I went from a Rogue Tempest to the Luxman. The Luxman was too in your face for my tastes. I sold it and bought a Rogue Cronus Magnum. I replaced the stock Sylvania preamp tube with a Telefunken smooth plate. Sounds pretty good. I am thinking about the simplicity of the LFD and wondering. I am looking for resolution and a good measure of controlled bass with a presentation that draws the listener into the music; not pushing the music upon the listener. Any thoughts about this set up? The reason I mention the Luxman/ LFD comparison is that I am familiar with the Luxman.
I loved the the LFD MK IV with C7ES3. Then I tried a Leban CS300XS. The LFD has better control of the bass, but the Leben really draws you in with a sweetness that only tubes have been able to provide.
Have not tried Luxman L505u though I've read about the raw and forward presentation of it even when matched with the Harbeth. Listened to LFD MkIII and Leben CS600 with the Harbeth. The LFD and Leben appear to be a very good match to the Harbeth, though some Harbeth users prefer the Luxman over the LFD. I would have gone with the LFD if it had a remote and a not-so-minimalist design approach.

I would concur with Drdennis' assessment on both LFD and Leben CS300XS. The high frequency on the Leben is airier and more extended than the LFD if you compare both side by side. If one doesn't perform any comparison, the LFD is excellent in its own account.