Luxman 505u vs. McIntosh 6300

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two integrated amps? I currently own McIntosh separates and am thinking of downsizing.
I have heard both and was not impressed with either. The Luxman IMO is the better sounding amp but it is nothing special. I've read you need to move up to the 507 to get most of the Luxman house sound. The MAC 6300 is a very fragile sounding 100w/ch amp, it was gasping for air trying to drive an ATC-scm 11. I assume you need/want at least 100w/ch. Take a serious look at the Marantz PM-11s3. I've heard the 11s2 and IMO it's a true high-end amp and is conservatively rated at 100w/ch. The latest version(s3) is claimed to be even more refined.
Hi Jim- Check out the ModWright KWI 200.
I agree with Dayglow. Maybe you could find a used l-507u or the McIntosh MA6600. I haven't heard the Marantz but might get a chance to. This is the best description I've ever read of the differences between the Luxman and Mac from member Windriver.

"There is much to like about the Luxman, it is beautifully finished, has a terrific onboard phono section and an extremely wide soundstage with great imaging and well controlled dynamics. I don’t see how anyone could buy one and be unhappy with the decision.

Why did I buy the McIntosh instead ? You can listen to a number of upper end integrated amplifiers and there is one thing that the McIntosh brings to the table that is unique to the brand. That is the remarkable depth of the soundstage. The Luxman in contrast has an incredibly wide soundstage that can literally make your speakers disappear and sound much larger than they are all at the same time. However the McIntosh has this incredible depth that can literally hang instruments out in front of you in a way that is almost eerie. The soundstage may not be the widest, but it is certainly the deepest and I found that added a new very enjoyably dynamic to my listening. However depending on your room and the type of listening you do, this may or may not work for you."

The other aspects that appealed to me is that you can add a tuner into the 6600 (not a valuable feature for everyone but valuable to me) and you can be guaranteed strong resale value should you decide to go in another direction. I have already come across used 507u’s for significantly less then you will find a used MA6600. I know because I wouldn’t mind picking up a used 507u to use in another system as I do think very highly of the Luxman.
Thanks for the feedback.
Today got my Luxman 505Ux, perviously using Melody Integrated Amplifier KT88, with Totem Model 1 speakers..

Melody, was (traded to luxman l505ux) very pleasant with laid back sound, with good vocal clarity, basically the midrange, and smooth upper end. However the bass was quite low, without any punch, whatever speaker used(Totem model 1, kef Q4)
Luxman, still in warm up stage, has punchy bass, high end is revealing, the sweetness of Melody on the vocal is missing, hope it gets better over the time. Certainly will not miss Melody..