Luxman 3045mb reborn with EL 509-2 tubes

If any members of this discussion group own a pair of these wonderful vintage amps, and desire a fresh & new sound, I would highly recommend a gentleman whom I became acquainted with thru this site.( A big thank you to Mr. Ed Sawyer for the reference.) Mr. Carroll Conklin ( brought back to life through varnish impregnation of one of the transformers, and the installation of a quad set of EL 509-2 output tubes that he has spent considerable time researching. Although I am not an audiophile such as many of you are, music appreciation is a important part of my life, and thru Mr. Conklins efforts, I now have renewed pleasure with these amps. Thank you Tim DeP,Carroll,Ed, all musicians of the planet & Audiogon for simply being here, and helping me out. Music can soothe the soul.
Glad to help out! Thanks for the follow up. Those are great amps, someday I have to get a set. Carroll is THE MAN when it comes to these, too.