Lustre GST-801 Tonearm help

I purchased a used Acos Lustre GST-801 for a Lenco L75 I'm building and it came without a din phono cable. I also have a Denon 103R Cartridge for the 801 and also need a headshell.
Any recommendations for a phono cable and headshell or any other information for setting it up are appreciated.
I would like to spend about $300-$400.00 for the din phono cable, new or used.

Thank You,
Hi Abill, The wire in your Lustre is silver so my advice
is to use silver from headshell-tags to the phono-pre.
The best price-quality (co) relation I know of are:
1. Aural Harmony 5 Din ,1.2m ($ 169);
2. Jelco HS-20 headshell ($ 50).The Jelco is made from magnesium (12.5 gr.) and has azimuth adjustment. The tags are however from copper so you will need silver tags. The best are from Ikeda but very exspensive. I think that Lustre 'deserves' the best so don't save on those tags; they are very important.
Thanks Nandric, Good information. I will look at headshells with silver tags