Lunim T2 vs Cary Audio DMS 600

Hello Fellow Audiophiles,

I currently am looking to upgrade to a quality streamer/DAC combo and after a few months of research have pretty much narrowed it down to the above units which I intend on demoing.  I am interested in internet radio, Roon, and Tidal (as well as my own music on my NAS).  I have a full McIntosh system and am going to list my Media Bridge shortly.  I would like to keep my budget in the $4000-$6000 range, but closer to $4000 now if possible.  I am wondering what thoughts/experiences fellow members may have.  Thanks.
LUMIN T2.  I had a typo above.  
Sippa we are dealers for both.

And how would you compare them? Been hearing raves about the new Lumin T2 but very little on the Cary. Your experience on their relative strengths and weaknesses would be helpful to share. TIA!
The Lumin based on great sound, reliability and more importantly support. Peter Lie is available on multiple forums daily to help with software and support issues. 
Lumin super sound quality, great definition, rock solid reliability super customer service fantastic app.

New T2 can also be used as a USB transport to allow for future dacs a very cool addition. 

Cary good sound very flexible, sonically not as amazing as the Lumin T2 which has better soundstaging and more presence.

Winner Lumin T2.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin and Cary dealers
do you carry the TEAC NT-505?
HiFi Heaven or Sound Approach.